Sasha A Foster

When we honor animals, they trust us.
When we speak their language they respect us.
When we wait for their permission they join us in the therapeutic bond, a shared space where the animal quietly tells us their secrets.

This is the underpinning of therapeutic relationships; learning to honor the animals as they are in this moment, the seconds before we put our hands on them. Our response to anxiety and fear should not be, “Don’t be afraid, settle down, have a treat”. Instead our response should be, “I see your anxiety and fear and I promise to show you there is no need for that here in my hands.”
— Sasha A Foster




Sasha co-authored the 2009 Maxwell Award for Best Health and Care Book The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog, A Physical Therapy Approach, a book based on her patented stretching method straight plane stabilized stretching for animals. She and her co-author went on to produce the DVD of The Healthy Way to Stretch Your Dog in 2010. Her next book, Canine Cross Training, Building Balance, Strength and Endurance in Your Dog won the 2014 Eukaneuba Best Health Book. Over the next few years she released many clinical manuals and fitness books.  She is a contributing author for the rehabilitation text books, the Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Wiley-Blackwell 2013) and the upcoming Canine Lameness (Wiley-Blackwell).

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Canine Home Exercises

The first evidence-based smart platform to advance client education, Canine Home Exercises provides more than 300 exercises in fourteen categories, creates individual home programs, surgeon-specific templates and hospital-specific templates. Complete with clear photos, videos and written instructions, the programs are e-mailed to clients allowing them to view and execute the exercises successfully in the home environment. Simplification of medical records can also be achieved by downloading the programs into electronic medical records as attachments.  

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Canine Rehab Shop

Dedicated to promoting the profession of canine rehabilitation by providing canine rehabilitation professionals with access to education, products and services that support their new or growing rehabilitation business.  

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Canine Rehab Institute

Evidence based, experience driven, providing canine rehabilitation certification to veterinary and physical therapy professionals throughout the world, Sasha teaches Therapist Module and continuing education courses for CRI.

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Colorado State University

Rehabilitation Coordinator for the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado, Sasha works with a team of veterinary professionals and industry partners to build one of the first university-level Canine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation Departments in the world. The department teaches students, evaluates and treats patients, and designs research about sports medicine and rehabilitation.  

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London Street Properties 

Providing rural businesses with commercial property management in Moffat County, Colorado.

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